Thursday, 29 September 2011

Joshua was feeling adventurous that day

Joshua was feeling adventurous that day by plutonick2

Joshua spent most of the afternoon climbing any surface that could climb and exploring the area under the sofa.

Later, when Nick cleaned his cage, they found a Mentos stashed in his hide-out. Somehow, that Mentos was under the sofa, hidden, who knows for how long. Joshua unearthed it and stored it.

As for me, I spent most of the afternoon sleeping with the occasional break of running around in my favorite blue hamsterball.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Joshua has been grounded!

Sometimes, at night, I make a lot of noise. I bite the rails of my cage and I try to open the hatchdoor so I can get out. Usually, all it takes is some treats and then I become quiet again.

Maza tries to jailbreak!

Young Joshua was a quiet hamster, but lately he is always making mischief. He is getting very noisy at nights!

He starts eating his peanuts at 01:00. Afterwards he runs in his wheel, making sure to run in such a way that creates the most noise possible. Then he goes up and down his tube, or start re-arranging his cage decoration or his food stockpile. But most often, he climbs on the rails and either bites them, or tries to break them with the force of his weight (which is futile, but funny).

But that is not all. I wish it was.

This morning Nick opened the top of Joshua's cage and started leaving food inside. Joshua was in the other corner of the floor and was observing him (his hand actually). Then he started approaching his hand is a shy way. Nick was very happy because Joshua is usually scared of him. So he continued leaving food in his cage. Then Joshua got even closer to his hand, and using his cowardly tactic, BIT him!

Needless to say, Nick is mad. I heard him say that he will not let him out of his cage ever again, because he is a spoiled hamster. Poor Joshua. I am sure he mistook his hand for a treat and just tried to have a bite! It is common, because us, hamster, have poor eyesight and generally are more dependent on smell. And Nick's hand definitely smelled like food!

Maza, the mother of a spoiled hamster.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Totonika, Monty and Joshua

Today I learned that Totonika Nova passed away.

Totonika is a friend of mine that I never actually met. But I visited her blog often and we talked through her guest book. She always brought a smile to my face, especially when my friend Monty passed away a month ago. The news made me sad, but I am confronted by the thought that Totonika and Monty, are going to be together in Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps Monty will show her the Rainbow Bridge Net Cafe and she will be able to mail her 'mum'.

Goodbye Totonika Nova, you will be remembered.

You can leave a message in Totonika's farewell page.

In other, more happy news, my son Joshua was very naughty tonight. He was biting his cage and making noises because he wanted to be let out. Nick couldn't sleep and moved his cage in another room. Of course that didn't help much. Joshua continued to make noise all through the night. I suspect the more he is left free to roam the house, the more he gets used to it. Also, he stopped biting, at least for now. But he is still getting scared easily and dislikes being petted.


This is a picture of Joshua. He is free to run around the house and he is extremely happy. I also think this is the first picture of Joshua that I uploaded to the blog. He is camera shy.