Saturday, 28 May 2011

Home alone again.

Ok, Nick is at work, so his computer is free for me to use!

Me and Maza have a very simple schedule. We sleep all day, and we wake up sometime in the afternoon. We pretend to be good-mannered hamsters until midnight. That is when Nick goes to sleep. At midnight we start jumping up and down in our cages, climb inside the tubes, run in our wheels and chew the cage bars. We make so much noise that sometimes we wake Nick up! They come to our room to check us out. That is when me and Maza freeze in mid-step and adopt our 'innocent' pose. We stand on our two back feet and look at them using our 'what's wrong?' expression! Maza has mastered this. Look at her! She fools them every time, but she can't fool me. I can see it in her eyes. She is evil!!! But Nick thinks she is cute. They even give us her more food and treats. Sometimes they give me too. And then they go back to their bed. Maza discards her pose and we resume our mischief until early the sunrise. When Nick  wakes up the next morning that's when we go to sleep.

But not today. Now that Nick is at to work, I opened the cage door and climbed on his desk. I have some catching up to do with our story. Typing is hard and I don't speak English very well.

You know, we have tried talking to Nick many times, but he doesn't understand Hamsterspeak. However we do understand what the humans say. So, the only way to communicate with them, is by using our facial expressions. Well, communicate and trick them, that is.

Let's see, were have stopped last time. Ah! I remember. I promised you I will post some recent pictures of me because the previous ones where taken when I was very young and I had little hair. Ha! See me now. My roguish charm is disarming!

In general I eat very little, and I am always running around. It's just that nick can only take a photograph of my when I am eating. If I am not eating, then that means I am running around. And when I run, I run faster than the light. I am a furry blur to the human eye! The photos would look like these:

I also have some pictures of her royal Highness, Maza. She is always going on and on about her famous 'House of Maza' and her ancestors. She drives me crazy. Did you know she likes to drink expensive wine? Here, look. I only prefer water. She is royalty, but I am a wanderer. A rogue!

Anyway, Nick likes me more than Maza. Since we were little, Nick would let us roam free in his living room. I was smart and did not do any mischief. I was just happy to be able to run all over the place exploring every corner. But Maza was not so smart. She preferred to hide behind the couch or under the furniture. She isn't very social you know. Once she hid inside Nick's subwoofer. And she started chewing the mechanical parts. Haha, you should see Nick's face. And when he managed to find her and hold her in his arms hands, Maza bit him hard!

He put her back in her cage and was afraid to pet her for some time. Maza was just happy to be left on her own, as long as she had enough food. She is snobbish!

The next day, Nick found out that Maza had chewed the cables of his Home Theater speakers, and his PSP charger cable too. Then Nick got mad! For a short while at least. He forgave her fast enough, and now they give her food all the time. I suppose even the bipeds want to be on good terms with the royalty.

I am tired of typing! I have been running all over the keyboard, jumping on keys in order to type. I need to go back to my cage before Nick returns. See you soon.

Monty, the furious blur

Friday, 27 May 2011

Finally, I got my own blog!


My name is Monty. I am a long-haired golden-colored hamster living in Greece with my human friend. He takes good care of me, keeps me fed and entertained. There is also another female hamster in the house, her name is Maza but she is not as interesting as me. After all this is my blog!

I always wanted to make a blog, but I didn't want Nick (my human friend) to find out that I am computer literate. He would be afraid that I might accidentally delete his harddrive. He is so anal about his computer that's not even funny. But now he is away and I got a chance to start blogging. But first, a picture of me!

Thats me when I was 1 month old! I am even cutter now. I got very long hair! And guess what? I am a long-haired hamster.

I used to live in another place, in a small cage with 6 more hamsters in it. Those hamsters were smelly, noisy, and generally annoying. My human friend came to that place, picked me and another hamster up, and took us to his house.

The other hamster? She is called Maza. She is a short-haired white-colored Syrian hamster. When she introduced herself to me, she didn't hesitate to mention that is a descendant of the great hamster House of Maza. Pffft, royalty. Nothing but trouble, I say. I never met my parents, so I am just Monty. I am a commoner to her. She calls herself Maza of House Maza. Doesn't she even realize how stupid it sounds? Jeez.

Back then we looked  almost the same. My hair hadn't grown yet, so I was basically short-haired too. Nick put us in the same cage at the beginning. Maza was intolerable. She was eating my food, she was complaining about my snoring and my manners. She only wanted to run in the wheel when I was already running in the wheel. She had an attitude and she was very snobbish.

What? You don't believe me that she was annoying? I got proof!

Thankfully Nick (my human friend) got a second cage and separated us after a while. Here is a picture of her royal Highness, Maza. Heh.

Crap, I hear Nick coming to his room, so I'd better evacuate his seat. We don't want him knowing I got a blog, do we? I promise to post again very soon. I will post a recent picture of me so you can marvel at my long golden hair, next time! Do not despair!

Digitally yours,