Friday, 14 October 2011

Goodbye Maza

Hello, this is Joshua blogging.

I am afraid I got some sad news. Nick told me that mommy is not ill anymore and that she has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

I got confused. This is where my father lives. So mommy will be together with Monty, my daddy! She will be happy because she was missing him so much. And there is a huuuuge hamster wheel there. So I asked them, why is it sad news? Nick hesitated a bit, and then said it's sad news because I will not see them for some time.

Which got me thinking... and I asked when will I see them when? This was hard for them to answer, so after a bit of thinking, they said that, according to statistics, I would meet them in 18 months. Or 2 years at best. Hmmm, strange.

Nick told me to write a few things about Maza, as a goodbye speech, so here it is.
Maza, my mother was a white haired syrian hamster that liked to eat a lot. She wasn't very active, and rarely used her hamster wheel, but loved playing in her hamsterball. She was quiet and liked making a huge nest from tissue paper. She also liked making a huge stockpile of food, seeds, corn, peanuts. But what she loved more (besides Monty) was her peanuts. She would crunch the peanut's shell for hours and that made her happy. Then she would store the peanuts and never eat them. She only bite them just for the taste. Nick rarely let her out of her cage unsupervised like they did with me (Joshua) and my father (Monty) because she would chew all the cables! She had twelve beautiful baby hamster with Monty, and one of those babies grew up to be ME! Maza was loved by everyone who met her.

Anyway, I am not that sad about mommy. I am going to miss not seeing her but she will be happy there. I am just going to miss her. On the other hand, I just inherited a furnished 2-floor house with a hamster-wheel too. 

Maza, the fat princess

Bye mommy! Me, Nick and all your human friends will miss you lots!

Your baby hamster, Joshua.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mommy is sick :(

H3ll0, I am J0shu4!

This is teh first tim3 I use teh blog! But mommy is ill! Mommy takes antibiotics, and sleeps a lot!!!1

Nick took her to the vet. WHen mommy got back she was veeery tired. I don't like vets! I heard mommy bit teh vet! Hahaha!!!

I liek blogging! I will blog more often. I am now exploring Nick's desk. He has too many HDDs and CDs lying around...

Look ma! Top of the world HDD!

What's that? A receipt? Somebody forgot to do his taxes!

I used to like reading books. Douglas Adams is my favorite. He is full of win and very funny. I also like fantasy novels!! Dwarves are funny. SOmetimes I pretend I am a vicious direwolf like those in Game of Thrones. I am not that big, but I am equally furry! Trololol.

This is me checking my modest collection. Hmm, what to read next? Perhaps I will just play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just for the lolz!.

Anyway, got to go!

Mommy, get well soon.


Monday, 3 October 2011

Winter is coming

Nick is reading his favorite book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. He also watches the TV-show (Game of Thrones) and I can't help but watch it too sometimes. It is very violent and I will never allow little hamster Joshua to watch it. In the show and in the books, there is a noble family that lives in the North where the winter is very harsh. They have to prepare for the harsh Winter all the time!

I have to prepare for the Winter too! I need to make a large stockpile of food, and also find warm bedding! Because as Ned Start says in every episode 'WINTER IS COMING'!

Maza Starkhamster

...but peanuts are coming too!
Winter may be coming...