Saturday, 27 October 2012

New hamster on the blog.


New hamster here! Not related to Monty or Joshua, but I share the same human friend they had! Oh, and their old hamsterhouse. It's roomy!

Lets get some facts straight first. My birthday for instance. I have no clue when I was born. I suppose I am two months old. So, lets assume I was born in August, ok. August 27. Mark your calenders. I want peanute presents that day.

I am a male Syrian hamster, with cream fur. Just like Monty and Joshua. My fur is not fully developed yet, but I expect it to be long and health like my predecessor's fur. Just you wait. As for the male, I am 99% sure of that. It's rather difficult to discern the gender of young hamsters.

My human friend's name is Nick, and I think he is a little retarded!

He just brought me to his house and first thing he does is to light up the fireplace! Problem? You bet.
We almost died from the smoke! His chimney must be stupid like him. It was blowing all the smoke back in the house.

Nick, please, don't use the fireplace again, ok? 

I spent the first day cleaning up my house. Top floor was litter with little scraps of paper. I spent more than 8 days pushing those little pieces down the tube. When the tube got full of it, I realised that my water bottle was on the bottom floor. So I cleaned the tube again, drunk water, and blocked the tube one more time. It was good exercise  I spent the rest of the day sleeping. During the night, I woke up and started running on my hamsterwheel. It made a lot of noise. Stupid Nick will have to oil it or something. Either that, or he won't be able to sleep next time.

Anyway, here is me!

This is a collector's picture. It is the first picture taken of me, ever!

This is my first toy. A hamster wheel. I inherited it from  another hamster, Bella. This hamsterwhell is a derelict actually. I will need a replacement soon.