Monday, 5 March 2012

I need attention too!

Hello! This is Joshua writing again.

So, yes, Bella is still taking medication, she is steadily getting better yada-yada-yada. Ok? Time to talk about ME and MY adventures now!

Nick has been neglecting me. He cleans my cage regularly, he feeds me everyday, and at night he leaves my cage-door open as he used to do. But that's all. No time for games with little Joshua. No sir. He is always checking on Bella, he gives her food, he gives her medicine. Bella this, and Bella that. Just Bella. 

This made me mad! I am sure you understand! 

So what I did was this. One night, when he left my cage empty, I run to the kitchen and hid in my hiding spot, inside a cupboard. I slept there thinking how fitting was my punishment. Whey Nick would wake up, he wouldn't find me in my cage. Because he knows that every time I return there to sleep, he wouldn't worry. And he would forget about Bella and think about me! 

Of course I had forgotten that this was a 'known' hiding spot of mine, and he easily found me next morning, while I was sleeping. He casually woke me up and put me back into my cage.

This made me mad! I am sure you understand!

Time to find a new hiding place, I thought. And so, I spent the next few days searching for one. And boy, did I find the perfect hiding place. Under their bed! Ha! They would never suspect it. They are going to spent ALL their free time worrying and searching for me, and I am going to be under their bed! How ironic! You see, their bed is kind of weird. Under the mattress, is full of little drawers. In order to search beneath the bed, they have to remove the drawers first. It is rather inconvenient for them.

Once Nick opened my cage, I run out, and went into his computer room. This is where he keeps a bag of peanuts. I started stockpiling. I used to put three of those peanuts in my mouth (it hurts, but it's doable), and transported them under the bed, behind one of those drawers. When I run, the peanuts that were in my mouth did a funny noise, like someone rolling the dice, but Nick didn't notice. He was occupied with a silly game called Mass Effect or something.

Once I had a decent stockpile of peanuts and tissue paper, I closed my eyes, and waited. I was drunk with the sweet taste of revenge. And then I got a bit hungry. Well, the peanuts were there so I started eating. The noise of opening the peanuts was greater than I thought, and Nick started to investigate the origin of the noise. DAMN! It wasn't long before he removed the drawer and found me. I remained hidden just in case he missed me, but no... he was relentless in his search! He found me, put me back in my cage, and confiscated my stockpile! He even took pictures so he can laugh at me with his friends.

Hiding, praying he will not notice me.
Ah, crap. He is still there. What..? He took a picture as well???

This made me mad! I am sure you understand.

I wanted to get even. I wanted to get even more than anything. I HAD to get even. I thought about eating. I would eat EVERYTHING. This would drive Nick broke, or so I thought. However, it hurt me more than it hurt them, because I did more poop than usual and my cage started to smell. Also I started getting fat. No, this wasn't the solution. I kept thinking of a plan. I didn't forget about the injustice that had been done to me. Not for a minute. I found out that I think better when I run on my wheel. In the night. When Nick sleeps. Plus, this makes noise, and since he keeps my cage in his bedroom. it HAS to irritate him. So I spent all night running... thinking!

But I couldn't think of a good revenge-plan. And then, it happened. Nick, while sleeping, dropped his pillow next to my cage. Very near. I could almost touch it. This was my moment. This was the moment of truth. Justice would be server and my ill-treatment would be avenged. So next morning, they found this.



  1. Wally the hamster22 October 2012 at 13:29

    Hey, Joshua, I'm a fellow hamster like you and my name is Wally. I thought Bella died??? Two posts ago on March 10th you said, "I loved Bella more than she knew. She fought so hard this last month. Unfortunately Bella passed away yesterday." WHAT?!? How can you say Nick is giving her medicine if she's DEAD! Explain? A confused hamster,


    1. Joshua the Hamster22 October 2012 at 14:47

      Hello Wally!

      Thanks for reading my blog. Sorry for the terrible and macabre mixup.

      Sadly it is true that Bella passed away last March. Afterwards Nick had some personal adventures and had to move house and as a result I haven't had time to update the blog. I remained in the old house, but stopped blogging. I am perfectly fine though!

      Regarding the mix-up, I gave permission to Nick to 'refresh' the blog. He is looking to get a new hamster and I wished that Nick's new friend would continue writing here. Nick tried to correct some typos on some old posts and then he clicked 'save' and as a result this post got assigned to a new date. This is why you saw this post move up on the timeline. In fact this post was written and posted before Bella's departure. But don't be sad. Bella is beyond the rainbow bridge. She tells me that she loves her giant hamsterwheel!!!

      I can't wait to read the adventures of Nick's new friend!

    2. Wally the hamster22 October 2012 at 18:03

      Thanks for the nice reply Joshua. :D I'm so sorry about Bella, I know you must miss her. But her life is better, with the giant hamsterwheel and all the sunflower seeds and peanuts!!!!!