Saturday, 10 March 2012


I loved Bella more than she knew. She fought so hard this last month. Unfortunately Bella passed away yesterday.

I am so sad and alone now.

Joshua, a lonely hamster.


  1. R.I.P Bella. I hope you feel better soon Joshua.

  2. Oh, no...! Not Bella...! What has happened...? She was such a beautiful good girl...How do you feel, Joshua...? Are you all right...? I know that's the hardest thing to move on... We,re hugging you warmly.

    P.S. If she hurries, she may catch up with my Lilly at the Rainbow Bridge...

  3. Joshua the Hamster12 March 2012 at 03:41

    I feel numb. It's been a couple of days since she left us. When I think of her I feel happy, because she brings back all those good memories. But I also sad, because I miss her. I still have some pictures and videos of her that I haven’t uploaded yet. Perhaps I will upload them sometime.

    I should have written a bit about what happened and how she passed away in the end, but I wasn't feeling up to it at the time. But now I am ok.

    She was getting better, her open wound was starting to close. After consulting a second vet, we started diluting the Betadine drops with water in order to make them less caustic. Bella was eating regularly, in fact she was eating a lot. Her belly was getting large, which might have been the cause of her death, but I am still not sure. She wasn’t constipated, but Nick was giving her some cucumber and some apple slices just in case. She wasn’t exercising, but that was to be expected, what with her being put through all this ordeal. Nick kept giving her antibiotics and some yoghurt.

    And then one day, she just didn’t woke up. She was in her nest, which is rather strange, because when we, hamsters, feel it’s our time to go, we go to some other place to wait. She had her favourite snack next to her. A cracked open peanut. This must have been her last meal.

    I am sure she is good friends with Lilly and Totonika and my parents, Monty and Maza. And I am also sure she is now running on the big Hamster Wheel at Rainbow Bridge, trying to make up for all the time she couldn’t run when she was sick, with us.

  4. Oh, my... They all are so sweet, so fragile and pass away way too soon... :'( Take good care of Nick and yourself, Joshua.